~ M.S.R

I am so thankful that I found all of you. I consider you my family and it gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial. Love,

When I first moved to the area, I let my fingers do the walking through the yellow pages and came upon Dr. Batson’s name. It wasn’t a physician referral, word of mouth recommendation, television or newspaper advertisement. I call it a gift from God and continue to be so thankful to Dr. Batson and his wonderful staff. They have become my family and I look forward to each visit knowing how much they care. It’s a genuine concern which you can’t always find in the busy medical profession. You’re not just another patient. You are their number one priority.

When I met Dr. Batson, I felt in my heart he was the one. One who could offer me options, the latest technology, and pain management without the use of drugs. Most of all, I admire his honesty and integrity. I spent many years in agony due to the condition of my back. Most orthopedic physicians offered me muscle relaxants, pain meds and no hope. I would visit these doctors and return home very disheartened. When I leave Dr. Batson’s office, I feel confident that he is offering me the best option for my condition.

With the help of Low Country Spine and Sport, I can now lead a more active life and know that I will be pain free for longer periods of time. That is my definition of HOPE…

~ M.S.R

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