~ B.F.

Eighteen months ago I suffered a severe fall which caused a significant increase in my symptoms from spinal stenosis and arthritis (I’m 73) to the point I had to end my daily tennis, and could barely walk for two minutes without severe pain.

Two eminent surgeons informed me that my condition was inoperable, to forget tennis, wear a brace, and hope for the best.

About a year ago, I was referred to Dr Batson. He and his professional and caring staff, using the latest techniques in pain management have helped improve my condition to the point where I can walk over an hour without pain and am beginning to play tennis again.

I would recommend Dr. Batson unconditionally to anyone who has a problem requiring pain management and relief, not only for his medical skills, but for the care and empathy exhibited by him and every member of his staff-

~ B.F.

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