~ S.F.

Dear Dr. Batson, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you. I find it rare that a doctor in your high demand would accept my same day appointment during your personal time. I also find it unheard of that a doctor would come in pre-hours to administer treatment for a herniated disc. By approaching your practice with genuine patient care, you have earned my thorough loyalty, and presume the loyalty of your other patients as well. Furthermore, I commend you on the selection of your staff. I have witnessed politeness and professionalism with everyone at Lowcountry Spine and Sport. Thank you so much, Respectfully, ~ S.F.

~ M.S.R

I am so thankful that I found all of you. I consider you my family and it gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial. Love, When I first moved to the area, I let my fingers do the walking through the yellow pages and came upon Dr. Batson’s name. It wasn’t a physician referral, word of mouth recommendation, television or newspaper advertisement. I call it a gift from God and continue to be so thankful to Dr. Batson and his wonderful staff. They have become my family and I look forward to each visit knowing how much they care. It’s a genuine concern which you can’t always find in the busy medical profession. You’re not just another patient. You are their number one priority. When I met Dr. Batson, I felt in my heart he was the one. One who could offer me options, the latest technology, and pain management without the use of drugs. Most of all, I admire his honesty and integrity. I spent many years in agony due to the condition of my back. Most orthopedic physicians offered me muscle relaxants, pain meds and no hope. I would visit these doctors and return home very disheartened. When I leave Dr. Batson’s office, I feel confident that he is offering me the best option for my condition. With the help of Low Country Spine and Sport, I can now lead a more active life and know that I will be pain free for longer periods of time. That is my definition of HOPE… ~ M.S.R

~ G.F.

My wife, Deb and I moved here to the lowcountry in October 2008 from Eastern Long Island and we love it here! We settled in Sun City and are very happy. One of my concerns with moving here was finding doctors in this area who could address my specific needs. I found very qualified doctors and I am very happy with them. One in particular stands out. Dr. John Batson. I call him my “body mechanic”. He keeps me going with his expertise in Sports Medicine and Pain Management. Back in the eighties, I had two major back surgeries and two blown out discs in my neck. Needless to say between arthritis and scar tissue, I’ve been in much pain! Since finding Dr. Batson, my pain levels have dropped significantly. I am so happy to have found Lowcountry Spine and Sport! Dr. Batson and his staff are wonderful!!!! They treat you like family. Dr. B is truly concerned about his patients. He has even called me several times at home to see how I’m doing. People with joint pain and arthritis should be seeing Dr. Batson. He really “knows his stuff’! I also have a bad knee and he takes care of that as well. 1 would not go anywhere else but my “body mechanic”. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Batson and your wonderful staff! ~ G.F.

~ B.F.

Eighteen months ago I suffered a severe fall which caused a significant increase in my symptoms from spinal stenosis and arthritis (I’m 73) to the point I had to end my daily tennis, and could barely walk for two minutes without severe pain. Two eminent surgeons informed me that my condition was inoperable, to forget tennis, wear a brace, and hope for the best. About a year ago, I was referred to Dr Batson. He and his professional and caring staff, using the latest techniques in pain management have helped improve my condition to the point where I can walk over an hour without pain and am beginning to play tennis again. I would recommend Dr. Batson unconditionally to anyone who has a problem requiring pain management and relief, not only for his medical skills, but for the care and empathy exhibited by him and every member of his staff- ~ B.F.

~ M.H.C.

Dr. Batson is a gifted physician–technically skillful and a compassionate listener. I trust him completely to deal with my complicated pain issues stemming from osteoarthritis. And, his office staff is just THE BEST! ~ M.H.C.

~ R.M.

I came to see Dr. Batson after suffering back, neck and hand pain for many years. After being treated by Dr. Batson, I feel like a new man. At 75, that’s a miracle! His Staff is very caring and professional as well. Thank you Dr. Batson!! ~ R.M.

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