Spine Care

Low back pain and neck pain of the spine are very common conditions. Most orthopedic physicians receive little training in spine care and most patients not only do not need spine surgery but have no interest in spine surgery. I am a specialist in spine care with an emphasis on aggressive, non-operative treatment options. I have completed a 12 month fellowship in interventional spine care. A fellowship is additional training physicians can complete after residency. It is the highest level training available for physicians.

I was fortunate to complete my fellowship under some of the country’s leading spine physicians. In addition to completing a spine fellowship, I am board certified in pain medicine. This ensures I am credentialed to perform procedures related to the spine and I stay current with the latest, most advanced treatment options for my patients. I have safely performed thousands of the following procedures for spinal conditions. Once your pain is calmed down I believe strongly in physical therapy and spine education with the intention of preventing reoccurrences of the pain. Where appropriate we will integrate physical fitness and nutritional counseling into your personal treatment plan.

Conditions We Routinely Treat

Interventional Procedures Performed

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